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AI Camera

The AquaWatch AW-108 AI powerecamera offers a range of benefits, from advanced monitoring capabilities to cost-effectiveness and versatility in deployment.

Benefits of the AW-108 AI Powered Camera

AI-powered cameras and image analysis software can be used for comprehensive water quality monitoring. By analysing images for parameters like turbidity, colour, and pollutants, the system can detect algae blooms, floating debris, and deviations from acceptable water quality levels. AI can then integrate data from various sources, trigger alerts, and even initiate automated responses to mitigate issues.


These capabilities enable continuous monitoring, real-time insights, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately improving water management efficiency, accuracy, and environmental protection.

AquaWatch AI Camera.jpg
AquaWatch AI Camera.jpg

Rugged, Durable, Scalable Hardware

  • R&D Investment: Backed by 17 years of research and development, the technology is refined and reliable.

  • Rugged and flexible: Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, these AI cameras are deployed in various environments, including on half of New Zealand's fishing fleets and in deserts in Dubai.

  • Underwater capability: The cameras can monitor underwater drains, for many years at a time, preventing debris from entering waterways.

  • Longevity: Demonstrated durability with cameras deployed for six years in aquaculture farms.

  • Scalable Hardware: Aquawatch’s Environmental Intelligence (AEI) uses scalable hardware and our collection techniques are accessible to afford, deploy and maintain.

Real-time Insights and High Quality Meta Data

  • Our technology delivers constant, real-time insights that allow for the swift identification of, and response to environmental changes.

  • Constant monitoring swiftly identifies environmental changes and is flexible enough to work in all environments, providing video or photo, day and night, above and below water.

  • The camera analyses long-term trends, providing valuable environmental data.

Financial Data

Aquawatch Environmental Intelligence - From Data to Insights to 

Aquawatch Environmental Intelligence (AEI) is capable of integrating data from various sources, such as waka, to enhance data capture and facilitate AI machine learning.


By recording extensive, real-time data across long timeframes, large, quality data sets are gathered to apply AI learning, enabling prompt action and ensure data can be extrapolated to a robust understanding of what is happening in water.

Cost and Time Effective

The AquaWatch AI Camera streamlines the process of data collection and analysis, significantly cutting costs and ensuring human expertise is leveraged, focused and effective.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 153621.jpg
Turbidity - water pollution monitoring system

Tailored water health monitoring solutions

AquaWatch provides comprehensive AI Camera solutions tailored to your specific water monitoring needs. We have full customer support with real people to help with real questions.


Together, we work alongside you to develop solutions that meet your technical, scientific and business needs.  


Contact us so we can scope your project and develop a solution that meets your criteria and desired project outcomes.

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