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Te Tiriti o Waitangi
Commitment Statement 

AquaWatch is committed to upholding the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all aspects of our work internationally, and within Aotearoa New Zealand.

We recognise the importance of mātauranga Māori and are dedicated to respecting indigenous knowledge systems and perspectives into our environmental monitoring and data management practices.

Engagement and Partnership with Mana Whenua

We pledge to encourage all customers to engage with tāngata whenua and mana whenua from the outset of all projects, ensuring that their insights and authority are respected. We believe that true partnership involves active listening, mutual respect, and co-development of projects that benefit both the environment and local communities. AquaWatch will always seek to involve mana whenua in the decision-making process, reinforcing our commitment to a mana-enhancing approach.

Supporting Mātauranga Māori

AquaWatch acknowledges the vital role of mātauranga Māori and Māori world views in understanding and managing our natural resources.

We are committed to educating ourselves in this space, integrating wisdom to improve the mauri (health) of wai (water) and  te taiao (our environment) into our methodologies and practices.

We respect the need to continually upskill to ensure that our work is culturally appropriate and aligned with indigenous values and practices.

Data Sovereignty

We recognise the importance of data sovereignty and the rights of Māori to own, control, access, and manage data that derive from their lands and people. AquaWatch is dedicated to upholding these rights by implementing data practices that are transparent, secure, and incorporating compliance with the principles of the Data Protection Act and the guidelines set forth by Te Mana Raraunga – Māori Data Sovereignty Network in any development work.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

AquaWatch is committed to ongoing learning and development in our engagement with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, mātauranga Māori, and tāngata whenua. We will continuously work ourselves to engage in conversations, and listen to feedback and guidance from Māori partners to ensure our practices not only comply with but actively support the aspirations and wellbeing of Māori communities and te taiao.

AquaWatch strives to be a leader in promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable management practices that honour and incorporate the experiences of Māori without appropriating that knowledge for commercial benefit.

We are dedicated to democratising water science by removing barriers to data gathering and analysis, fostering a deeper connection to wai, whenua, and each other, contributing to a future that respects and reflects the aspirations of all who share this land, to restore te taiao for future generations.

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