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Our Team

Who We Are


Founder & CEO

Peter Fullerton Smith

“Empowering stakeholders with data and enabling informed decision-making with AquaWatch solution.”

From a New Zealand farming background, Peter has a passion for the land and its waterways.


Bringing home international business experience, Peter is driven to ensure that Aquawatch's water monitoring solutions are available to the masses.

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Chief Product Officer

Janani Mohanakrishnan

Janani is passionate about creating and delivering innovative and sustainable technology solutions that improve social, economic, and environmental well-being.

She has led global teams and worked in executive roles in software product and engineering, programme management, and customer success. Janani has published in international science journals, and presented at international conferences.

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James-Muir-RiverWatch-Cofounder-Chief-Technology-Officer 1.jpg

CTO & Founder

James Muir

“Making the world a better place by fostering connections to our land and water and preserving Aotearoa for the future.”

As a scientific entrepreneur and filmmaker, James has been the driving force behind AquaWatch. His most valuable learnings are from his relationships with suppliers, researchers, designers, government and end-users, to improve water quality monitoring.

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Chief Growth Officer

Abi Croutear-Foy

Abi finds water eternally fascinating. 

She is passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems, and is focused on helping AquaWatch make water quality monitoring more accessible and affordable.

In her role at AquaWatch, Abi is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that can tailor solutions to enable many diverse sectors to improve water health.

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