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Actionable, real-time insights.
Scalable, reliable hardware.

AI Camera 

The AquaWatch AI camera is a state-of-the-art device that uses the latest technology to gather visual data and provide sophisticated insights into water quality monitoring. It can analyse weather patterns, detect anomalies, and much more.


The camera goes beyond capturing images by synthesizing vast amounts of information to generate actionable results. It also stands out for its ability to run multiple programmes simultaneously.

AquaWatch AI Camera
AquaWatch Waka.jpg

Floating array of Sensors

The AquaWatch water monitoring system consists of  sensors that measure water health key indicators of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, pH, ammonium, and conductivity. These sensors provide real-time data on key water quality indicators, which can be used to make informed decisions about water management, protect aquatic ecosystems, and improve human health.

This water quality monitoring hardware can be deployed in a variety of aquatic environments. The real-time, data collected by the sensors can be used to monitor changes in water quality over time, identify pollution sources, and track the effectiveness of remediation efforts.

Visual Intelligence

AquaWatch Environmental Intelligence 
(AEI) uses the AW-108 camera to capture high-resolution images and process them on-device. This reduces data noise and creates targeted datasets for training accurate AI models.

Our AI Camera captures high-quality images in diverse conditions, processes data on-device for efficient dataset compilation, learns and adapts over time, reducing human intervention. 

Find out more about the process we use to identify specific environmental challenges, collect high-fidelity visual data, train machine learning models to detect early signs of environmental issues and refine outcomes. 

AquaWatch water pollution monitoring system - fish in stream

Water Health Score

A Revolutionary Index for Swimmable Freshwater

Traditionally, water health has been assessed through sporadic tests, offering a limited snapshot of its true condition. The AquaWatch Index disrupts this paradigm with a groundbreaking approach that continuously monitors waterways to reveal their swimmability and capacity to support a thriving ecosystem.

This water quality score that goes beyond just chemical levels, encompassing the entire, continuous picture of a waterway's health.

Water Health Score
Tailored Solutions

Predictive Water Management

AquaWatch's commitment to customisation and innovation enables us to empower stakeholders from various sectors to proactively monitor water quality and preserve our vital water resources.

Our cutting-edge software transforms raw data into actionable insights, making water quality monitoring both meaningful and readily accessible to our clients across diverse industries. Whether it's the agricultural sector, the construction industry, councils, or water authorities, our adaptable approach ensures that our water quality monitoring and AI-capable cameras can be seamlessly integrated into your operations, reporting requirements and impact outcomes.

We can weave together satellite analysis, operational information, land use mapping, topographical information, water quality data, visual alerts, and weather measurements to provide daily information on water quality monitoring, and long term plans for proactive land use to protect waterways.

How to measure water quality - AquaWatch tailored solutions
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