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The AquaWatch waka is an easier and smarter way to gather water quality monitoring data
The Hardware

The Hardware

Designed for ease of deployment, communications, and maintenance, this cutting-edge device uses accurate remote sensing technology that feeds data and analytics straight to the user.

The waka comes with five sensors, with room for two more sensors to be added, perfect for farming, forestry, construction, regulatory compliance monitoring, and river monitoring systems.

Paired with the interpretation software and Signal Mate IoT Technology, this is the perfect water pollution monitoring system, give you an adaptive solution to know what is happening in waterways in real-time.

AquaWatch water quality monitoring system
Waka - Water Monitoring Sensors.jpg

Water Monitoring Sensors

The AquaWatch water monitoring hardware consists of five sensors that measure water health key indicators of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, pH, and conductivity. These sensors provide real-time data on key water quality indicators, which can be used to make informed decisions about water management, protect aquatic ecosystems, and improve human health.

This water quality monitoring hardware can be deployed in a variety of aquatic environments, including rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coastal waters. The data collected by the sensors can be used to monitor changes in water quality over time, identify pollution sources, and track the effectiveness of remediation efforts.


Water Quality Software

This industry-leading software collects data on water quality, stores it, interprets it, and provides accurate monitoring and summaries of water quality in real time.

Internet connectivity provides real-time data straight to the user. To ensure accurate insights the data is delivered for analysis via trend charts, raw information, and alerts.

Understandable summaries are provided, with a water health score showing water quality ‘at-a-glance’. Users can access raw and historical data and can publish graphs to see data trends quickly.

We work with top environmental analysts and data scientists to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and machine learning depending on client needs.

AquaWatch Water Monitoring Data.jpg
AquaWatch waka for water monitoring


Deployment has been designed so that in most cases people do no not have to enter the water, thus removing health and safety risk.


Once the waka is activated, (a process which takes three minutes), the field user can tether it to supplied hardware or existing infrastructure, and then leave it until the next visit.

Our camera and waka have different methods of powering, solar, battery, and mains as well as multiple connectivity solutions.

We can recommend the right option based on your requirements and assist with installation. 

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