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AI Camera Cost Effectiveness

The AquaWatch AI Camera streamlines the process of data collection and analysis, significantly cutting costs and ensuring human expertise is leveraged, focused and effective.​

Current Issues

Manual sampling requires a lot of resource, you need people to regularly go out and sample as well as expensive field probes that need to be calibrated. Sampling is not done during bad weather events where acute issues may manifest.


Additionally, lab samples take a long time to process and if a significant issue is detected it is reported long after the event had occurred. This can lead to a significant loss in productivity and revenue.

AquaWatch Solution 

The AquaWatch AI Camera is a low-cost, multi-sensor camera solution which provides a transparent all-encompassing monitoring solution at a greatly reduced cost.


Cost-saving innovations include:

  • a simple subscription-based calibration

  • self-contained telemetry with no additional infrastructure

  • suitability for all environments

  • built-in customisable user interface and mobile app

  • custom alert triggers

  • automated data analysis and reporting

Lower capital expenditure is needed as the sensors and camera are low cost and include multiple parameters.

Reduction in Operational Expenditure and Staffing Costs

Operational expenditure is reduced through eliminating the need for manual sampling and data management. The reporting and data management process is streamlined by the analysis tools and automated reporting functions built into the user interface.


The customisable automated alerts mean changes are detected immediately, 24h per day, and can automatically trigger a response. This system allows a single person to efficiently manage multiple sites and maintain the highest level of productivity. 

Effective Pricing

Priced from $9,500 per camera, the technology offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods.

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