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Improving Water Quality with New AI Camera - Trash Rack and GPT's

Water, the lifeblood of our planet, is a reflection to the intertwining of nature and urbanization. We see how our urban planning affects our environment by measuring what's happening in our water ways. Building up the ability to mitigate problems, and plan effectively for the future through data based predictive modelling.

Improving Water Quality with New AI Camera
New AquaWatch AI Camera improves water quality

In our cities, where rapid growth has sometimes compromised the sanctity of our wai (water), the onus falls upon us to ensure that this precious resource is safeguarded.

At AquaWatch, we're making strides in doing just that by using our edge enabled camera to monitor the maintenance needs of trash racks, and GPT's.

A Leap into the Future with AI-Powered Vision

Our cutting-edge AI camera is the result of meticulous engineering designed for the unique challenges of monitoring above ground trash racks and underground pollutant traps. These cameras are not just visual aids; they're a fusion of advanced technologies meant to revolutionize waterway maintenance.

Edge Computing: With the inclusion of edge computing, our cameras analyze data on-site. This immediate processing reduces latency, making sure alerts are timely and actionable.

Eco-friendly Powering: Rooted in our commitment to the environment, these cameras have the ability to be solar-powered. Not only does this reduce their carbon footprint, but it also ensures they remain functional even in the most remote locations.

Cellular Connectivity: Regardless of where they're deployed, our cameras remain connected. This constant connectivity ensures real-time data flow and prompt responses.

Privacy-Centric Smart City Data: In an age where privacy is paramount, our cameras are designed to capture data without infringing upon individual rights, making them ideal for smart city integration.

See Beyond the Visible

Night or day, above ground or submerged, our cameras remain ever vigilant. The in-built infrared capabilities mean that even in the dark, no maintenance need goes unnoticed. Every image captured can be analyzed for a multitude of alerts, ensuring that insights are comprehensive yet specific.

Strengthening Bonds: Our Partnership with Omexom and the ACT Government

Collaboration breeds innovation. Our partnership with Omexom, a global player in energy transition, is instrumental in refining our technological solutions. Together, we are envisioning and implementing monitoring systems that are both effective and sustainable. "At VINCI Energies, we are committed to being an accelerator of environmental transition and Omexom Australia are at the forefront of this mission, focusing on utilising our expertise to drive the transition to Sustainable Cities.

But, what does it mean to be a Sustainable City, we ask? Sustainable cities embrace resilience and sustainability in both action and culture. They are cities that balance the needs of our current and future generations of humans, more-than-humans, and the planet, without negatively impacting the ecosystems that sustain them.

We are thrilled to be supported by and working with AquaWatch, a company dedicated to environmental clarity. Together, we are developing initiatives that align with our vision and goals, all aimed at creating sustainable cities for generations to come.

AquaWatch's AW-108 Camera is a powerful tool that allows us to capture the essence of water environments, assess infrastructure, monitor water flow and quality in real-time. This collaboration is a significant step toward a brighter, more sustainable future." - Michael Rosetta, Business Unit Manager, Omexom

The very essence of AquaWatch lies in connecting people, technology, and the environment. As we stand at the confluence of nature and urbanization, it's essential to adopt long-term thinking, leading to better environmental, human safety, and financial outcomes. The new AquaWatch AI Camera improves water quality ensuring that together we can take a step closer to a future where our grandchildren's waterways are protected for their grandchildren.

Embrace the future with AquaWatch. Connect with your wai (water), with your whenua (land), and with the promise of tomorrow.



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