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AI Camera Optimises Trash Rack Management in Canberra

At the end of August, AquaWatch and Snapcore went on site with Omexom and the ACT Government in Canberra to install a camera to monitor fouling at the above ground trash rack using the AW-108.

The AquaWatch AI camera is now enabling infrastructure management in real time, and providing the opportunity to Omexom to assess infrastructure, monitor water flow and quality in real-time.

Track Rack Maintenance

The high-resolution AW-108 cameras provide detailed images of the trash rack system, in this instance the large concrete pillars designed to capture significant debris and a fine mesh fence across the creek channel to trap smaller particles in front of a settlement pond. 

Trash rack water monitoring by AI Camera

Image 1: Example images used to train the algorithm by Lynker Analytics

“Trash Racks” require maintenance however without the AI Camera, there was limited visibility of the status of the “trash racks” without planned, physical assessment. 

Installation of equipment of phase one

Installation of AI Camera equipment

One AquaWatch AI Camera was installed above ground, then connected to mains power via PoE injector and cellular network.

Next, the AI Camera and application was:

AquaWatch AI camera

  • trained to analyse the images from the AW-108 cameras to detect and categorise the debris accumulation on the pillars and fence. 

  • programmed to classify the water level and potential flooding.

Trash Rack Visual Results

The algorithm then sits in the camera, where images can be captured, and just the required actions need to be sent and stored. But with the flexibility of including images, and videos as well.

Canberra trash rack - AI Camera results

Image 2: Lynker Analytics

“AquaWatch's AW-108 Camera is a powerful tool that allows us to capture the essence of water environments, assess infrastructure, monitor water flow and quality in real-time,” says Michael Rosetta, Business Unit Manager, Omexom. “This collaboration is a significant step toward a brighter, more sustainable future,"

Ultimately, The AquaWatch AI Camera has given Omexom and ACT government the option of a solution that can integrate data into infrastructure management systems via API. The algorithms can continue to evolve to provide business automations and data visualisations. 

AquaWatch Active Learning Training System



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