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A Warm Welcome to Ebi Hussain: AquaWatch's New Chief Science Officer

Ebi Hussain and AquaWatch, it’s a dream scenario.

As of June 10th, Ebi Hussain will be joining us as AquaWatch's new Chief Science Officer, bringing a wealth of expertise in environmental policy, water quality and ecology to our mission of safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.

“Ebi has been involved in AquaWatch longer than anyone else in the business apart from me,” says our Founder, James Muir. “He is highly regarded in the industry and we sought his advice along the way to develop hardware and  data analysis to ensure that AquaWatch is at the cutting edge of water monitoring solutions”. 

Ebi has a wealth of experience, having worked across local and central government and the private sector, and as the Director and Principal Scientist of Submerged Environmental Ltd, he has led groundbreaking initiatives in environmental consulting and scientific diving services throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. He is also the Founder of Aotearoa Lakes, a non-profit organisation driving citizen science for lake research and restoration.

At Auckland Council, Ebi served as a Senior Ecologist and Freshwater Scientist, shaping policies and programmes for ecological preservation and sustainable water management. He has been heavily involved in the implementation of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management as well as other environmental legislations.Globally his contributions have included being the Science Advisor for Project Baseline, leveraging citizen science to establish a global aquatic baseline assessment.

“On a personal and a professional level, we are all thrilled,” says Abi Croutear-Foy, AquaWatch’s Managing Director. “Ebi is one of the best people we know, highly experienced, passionate, and an exceptional science communicator. He’s also got amazing stories about diving, about rivers and lakes, and will speak with us for hours about his love for water”.

Ebi's commitment to environmental conservation goes beyond the surface, quite literally, as a certified Scientific Diver. His expertise in underwater monitoring and research programmes underscores his immense dedication to preserving marine ecosystems and our waterways.

We look forward to working alongside Ebi as we continue to evolve and scale. This new role will be crucial to keeping AquaWatch at the leading edge of scientific research, strategy, communication and product developments, ensuring that together we can improve the health of our waterways and aquatic environments.

If you would like to contact Ebi to find out more about how he can help you understand, interpret and action your water monitoring efforts, please contact us today.



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