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AquaWatch: A Revolution in Aquaculture Water Monitoring

For years aquaculture farms have relied on fragmented data and manual labour to ensure the quality of their water. This has meant long hours, limited insights, and the constant risk of missing crucial changes. Thanks to AquaWatch’s cutting-edge water quality monitoring systems, aquaculture farms are now experiencing a revolution in how they optimise water health.

At King Salmon's Takaka Hatchery in New Zealand, a transformative change is underway in the way salmon is farmed and the shift from sporadic measurements to continuous monitoring has been a game-changer for aquaculture management. The remote, continuous data can enhance sustainability, monitoring, and overall water health and AquaWatch's capabilities.

One of the standout features of AquaWatch is its ability to seamlessly integrate into existing farm infrastructure. This flexibility allows aquaculture farms, like King Salmon's Takaka Hatchery, to focus on their core tasks rather than being overwhelmed by constant measurements and monitoring, which are not cost-effective.

King Salmon's Takaka Hatchery's partnership with AquaWatch has resulted in improved efficiencies and more sustainable operations. With precise and real-time data, the hatchery can optimise the water quality necessary for healthy salmon growth and thriving.

Phillip Rose - Team Leader NZ King Salmon

AquaWatch is not just making water quality monitoring easy; it's revolutionising aquaculture in fundamental ways:

  1. It enables effective intake management by precisely monitoring water intake, ensuring the farm sources the highest-quality water for its salmon.

  2. It simplifies compliance with regulations by generating submission-ready data, streamlining the reporting process.

  3. The system's scalability provides in-farm insights and alerts, adapting to the farm's growth.

  4. AquaWatch's sensors are accurate and verified, ensuring the integrity of water monitoring data.

The impact of AquaWatch extends beyond individual farms, and this innovative solution has been selected for the Aquaculture Global Innovation Launchpad. Recognised as one of the five pioneering organisations from New Zealand, AquaWatch is participating in this programme, spearheaded by Hatch Innovation Services in collaboration with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).

Managing Director at AquaWatch, Abi Croutear-Foy, says, "We're currently engaging with leaders in the aquaculture sector, who are interested in continuous water quality data, so ultimately we can enable them to make better, real-time decisions and optimise their operations."

As AquaWatch continues to redefine water health management in the aquaculture industry, its impact is not only transforming individual farms but also leading global innovations in the aquaculture arena. With real-time data, efficiency, and sustainability at its core, AquaWatch is paving the way for a more healthy and productive future for aquaculture worldwide.



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