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“Kaua e kōrero mo te wai, whakarongo mai ki te wai.”

"Don’t talk about the water, listen to the water.”

How to measure water quality
How to measure water quality - urban waterway

AquaWatch Environmental Intelligence

Our monitoring solutions and AI camera constantly monitor water quality and report insights directly to the user, providing a real-time, comprehensive overview of the ecological health, swimmability, and mahinga kai values of our waterways.

With our powerful software, we go beyond the raw data, by analyzing and interpreting water quality information in a way that is both meaningful and accessible. 

Intelligent Water Management

Our hardware solutions provide high quality, cost effective, and scalable options for monitoring water quality, and enabling better water management.

Our floating water monitoring systems deliver data and visual information via the internet and cellular technology

With focus on longevity in the field, low maintenance, and ease of deployment we can work with battery, mains, and solar power.

AquaWatch water monitoring system
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