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Innovative Water Quality Solutions at Evoke AG

AquaWatch Founder and CEO Pete Fullerton Smith and Managing Director, Abi Foy will be is heading to the Evoke AG this February 14th-22nd to showcase and share the latest innovations in water quality monitoring

AquaWatch team - Pete Fullerton Smith, James Muir, Abi Foy
AquaWatch team - Pete Fullerton Smith, James Muir, Abi Foy

Pete and Abi look forward to engaging with innovators, investors, and industry leaders who share a keen interest in the future of agrifood technology. 

“This event is a vibrant platform for pioneering startups like us, aiming to drive positive change within the agrifood sector,” says Abi Foy, Managing Director.
“At EvokeAG, we will be presenting our scalable and accessible remote continuous water quality monitoring solutions, designed to safeguard waterways for future generations”. 


AquaWatch technology provides actionable insights for effective water management, addressing the critical balance between water quality and scarcity in an era of climate-induced challenges.  AquaWatch's commitment to customisation and innovation empowers stakeholders to proactively monitor water quality and preserve our vital water resources.

AquaWatch AI Camera
AquaWatch AI Camera

​Cutting-edge software transforms raw data into actionable insights, making water quality monitoring both meaningful and readily accessible across diverse industries. Whether it's the agricultural sector, the construction industry, councils, or water authorities, AquaWatch’s adaptable approach ensures that water quality monitoring and AI-capable cameras can be seamlessly integrated into operations, reporting requirements and impact outcomes.


Aqua Watch water quality solutions

“Our participation in EvokeAG's StartUp Alley and the upcoming Western Australia Market Immersion programme underscores our commitment to global collaboration and innovation,” says Foy. “We want to build partnerships that amplify impact, and we are keen to engage and develop solutions with everyone interested in making a positive impact for water quality.”


Our aim is to connect and collaborate towards a future where technology and environmental stewardship are working together to restore the quality of water all around the globe. If you’re in Perth, please head along to talk to Pete and Abi and find out how AquaWatch can help develop water monitoring solutions that meet your needs.





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