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HEB Construction deploys AquaWatch for improved water quality monitoring

HEB Construction, a leading Tier 1 contractor operating nationwide has embraced innovative measures to ensure compliance with stormwater discharge regulations on construction sites. As part of their efforts to monitor water quality and reduce water pollution, they have implemented the AquaWatch water quality monitoring tool.

Monitoring water quality through the AquaWatch water monitoring system.
Monitoring water quality through the AquaWatch water monitoring system.

Projects and Commitment

HEB Construction has a substantial presence across regional and district boundaries, serving as primary contractors for consent holders. Prominent projects include Te Ahu a Turanga in Manawatu Gorge, O Mahurangi in Penlink, Takitimu North Link, Te Ara o Te Ata in Mount Messenger, and iReX. Their strong focus on environmental responsibility underscores their dedication to minimising the impact of their activities on waterway ecosystems.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

The compliance requirements for stormwater discharges from construction sites vary by region. In Auckland, the monitored water quality variables include clarity and pH. In Wellington, the focus shifts to total suspended solids, pH, and aluminium concentration when aluminium-based chemicals are used. Christchurch places importance on turbidity and pH, with potential "trigger event" monitoring for larger projects.

Monitoring water quality in construction sites presents challenges, as it necessitates timely data collection, especially during extreme rainfall events. This can involve labour-intensive tasks and potential safety risks for weekend monitoring. To address these challenges, HEB Construction has adopted the AquaWatch water monitoring tool.

Application Across Large Construction Projects

The adoption of the AquaWatch water quality monitoring tool benefits projects with extensive sediment controls, such as sediment retention ponds (SRPs) and clarifiers, ensuring compliance is consistently maintained. It also reduces the necessity for constant physical monitoring, as data can be accessed remotely.

By implementing AquaWatch, HEB Construction has revolutionised compliance with stormwater discharge regulations on their construction sites. With real-time data on critical parameters, continuous monitoring, long battery life, and cost-effectiveness, AquaWatch is the ideal choice for large-scale construction projects.

Benefits of AquaWatch for Construction Compliance

HEB Construction's deployment of the AquaWatch tool represents a significant step towards efficient and environmentally responsible construction practices, leading the way for those in the construction sector aiming to align with sustainability goals and regulatory compliance. The AquaWatch tool offers several advantages for large-scale construction projects:

  1. Measures Five Key Parameters: The tool, known as the Waka, measures critical water health parameters, including pH, temperature, nitrates, turbidity, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Clients can access monitoring data through a user-friendly cloud-based interface.

  2. Continuous Monitoring: Data is available every 15 minutes, eliminating the need for environmental advisors to be on-site constantly. Alerts can also be configured to notify of non-compliant discharges.

  3. Long Battery Life: The Waka operates on battery power, requiring minimal space and avoiding cord-related issues. Battery life can extend up to three months, with hot-swapping capabilities to prevent data loss during recharging.

  4. Cost-Effective: For projects with substantial monitoring requirements, the Waka offers a compelling business case, reducing the need for additional personnel hours and weekend monitoring costs.

Future Developments

This initiative continues to evolve, with actions to address sensor drift and algal build-up on the sensors using anti-fouling methods developed by Auckland University being explored to lower maintenance needs even further. The Waka is also deployed in dewatering tanks and clarifiers.

Additionally, AquaWatch can install a new, unique camera system capable of running AI programmes both underwater and above water, offering cellular connectivity for real-time event alerts. This rugged hardware, originally designed for offshore fisheries, has a proven track record of underwater deployment without maintenance.

Contact Us

If you would like to explore the possibilities of AquaWatch for your construction project, contact us today so we can help tailor your waterway monitoring and compliance strategies.



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