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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature is a key measurement to measure the quality of water, and its ability to support life, a thermostat of aquatic health it influences both chemical reactions and biological activity.

AquaWatch Water Quality lake monitoring

Why monitor water temperature?

Continuous data alerting to changes in temperature is important because it enables timely responses to emerging issues. By monitoring temperature in real-time, water managers can detect changes in water quality before they have a chance to cause significant damage.


Continuous temperature monitoring also provides valuable data for long-term analysis of water quality trends, enabling water managers to make more informed decisions about resource allocation and ecosystem management.

The power of alerts

If, for example water temperature starts to rise rapidly due to a nearby industrial discharge, alerts can be sent to stakeholders who can take action to mitigate the impact.

This water monitoring system helps keep temperatures a level at which appropriate biodiversity can flourish. This is the basis of many resource consents, a key component of ensuring productive aquaculture, and what is best for our environment.

AquaWatch - water quality alerts
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