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pH Monitoring

pH is the scale of acidity or alkalinity, and can drastically impact the solubility of vital nutrients.  It's an important consideration in measuring water quality, in ​the areas of irrigation, aquaculture, wastewater management, and environmental monitoring.

AquaWatch water quality monitoring - pH levels

Why monitor water pH?

Continuous pH monitoring in surface water is akin to the tuning of a complex instrument, crucial for maintaining the harmonic balance of aquatic ecosystems.

Fluctuations in pH can serve as an early indicator of potential pollutants or even natural processes like algal blooms that could disrupt aquatic health.  

pH level plays a pivotal role in nutrient bioavailability, directly affecting the efficacy of irrigation water for agriculture.


The power of alerts

Alerts on pH levels serve as real-time sentinels for critical industries like irrigation, wine growing, and aquaculture. In irrigation, proper pH ensures optimal nutrient uptake for crops, directly affecting yields.

In aquaculture, even slight pH deviations can stress aquatic life, affecting both growth and health.

These timely alerts enable immediate intervention to recalibrate conditions. By embracing such data-driven insights, we not only safeguard our industries but also adopt a long-term vision for environmental equilibrium and sustainable growth.

AquaWatch water quality monitoring alerts
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