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Landpro adopts cutting-edge tool to improve water health monitoring

Landpro Limited are using the AquaWatch waka to easily gather and evaluate data to help with operational and environmental decision making. It will also enable them to make proactive decisions around resource allocation based on the data this water health monitoring tool delivers.

Angus Borrell, one of the LandPro hydro scientists, trial launched the new AquaWatch waka to make sure any operational bugs were sorted before it went into full service. This waka will be used for their bathymetric lidar programme and for water diffraction correction data. It will also be used in a secondary scenario by their planning and environmental science teams for real-time water baseline monitoring.

This innovative floating device samples instream turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and conductivity every 15 minutes and then sends the info back to a dashboard in the LandPro office or directly to staff phones so they can collect the information for analysis.

“At Landpro Limited we love embracing new tech and looking for ways to do things better and more efficiently for our clients,” says CEO Jason Harvey-Wills. “This one will definitely save a whole lot of time and expense for a number of our clients looking for an easy real-time water quality baseline data set.”

With the ability to deploy multiple waka across many different sites, the AquaWatch waka has massive opportunity for scalability and detailed, real-time insights over long timeframes.

“We’re looking forward to seeing more of the South Island via their updates as the device is moved around,” says Abi Croutear-Foy, Chief Growth Officer at AquaWatch.

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